Gartner predicts that “digital business incompetence will cause 25 percent of businesses to lose competitive ranking by 2017.” And companies that are not strategically embracing digital transformation are putting the future success of their business at risk.

But transformation isn’t just automating existing processes. Instead, companies need to purposefully use the technologies available to truly evolve processes – and achieve more valuable results. It’s important to apply this transformative approach across all functions within an organization – but especially in key areas like corporate travel and expense that often still employ manual, outdated processes.

View our on-demand webinar “Embrace Digital. Transform Business Travel” to explore the impact – and opportunity – for digital transformation in corporate travel and expense, including: 

  • The importance of looking at travel and expense processes together.
  • Who should be involved in strategizing and digitally transforming your T&E process.
  • How to drive adoption of your T&E solution to ensure corporate value.
  • What data to capture for better insight into traveler behavior and to help with forecasting and planning.
  • Tips for ensuring successful digital transformation projects.
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