Manually reporting on expenses, keeping track of paper receipts, and long approval and reimbursement cycles is a burden for on-the-go business travelers and back-office professionals alike.

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It’s also a huge area of spend for organizations. In fact, PayStream reports that companies not fully automating these processes spend 39% more on their travel and expense annually.

Automated travel and expense management (TEM) technology was designed to fulfill the need for faster, more efficient and low-touch expense reporting that gives the traveling workforce more flexibility – without sacrificing organizations’ control over company spend.

The 2016 Travel and Expense Management Report, from technology research and consulting firm PayStream and KDS, offers insights on:

  • Current market trends in TEM processes among organizations;
  • The benefits of travel and expense automation for organizations;
  • Features and functionalities of TEM software; and
  • Best practices for selecting a TEM software vendor.
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