With a multitude of options available for booking travel, it’s easy to see why business travelers are tempted away from their corporate travel programme. They want more flexibility, more options or believe that they’re getting a better deal.

In reality, booking outside the corporate travel programme is bad for:

  • the company – not using preferred suppliers and negotiated rates, lack of visibility, duty of care concerns,
  • the employee – loss of productivity shopping on multiple sites, personal expenses, multiple booking confirmations and apps

Content is the secret sauce. View the on-demand webinar ‘The secret to keeping your business travelers in your travel programme’, to learn how fully integrated, bookable content can help to prevent leakage from your corporate travel programme. You will learn:

  • Why providing options within a managed all-in-one tool is key to happy and productive business travelers
  • How to take the stress out of planning end-to-end trips, with bookable ground transportation options
  • Why integrated content prevents financial losses
  • How consolidating multiple suppliers in a single platform improves the user experience

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