A strong, clear and sensible travel policy is the cornerstone to any successful business travel programme. Traditionally the focus has been on the savings that can be achieved, but is this really the right way to approach your travel policy?

Reviewing travel policy regularly is important to ensure that it is still fit for purpose and supporting the organisation positively. With a wealth of data at our finger tips we have an opportunity to look at ‘business value’ from a number of dimensions. Costs and savings will always be a factor, but we should also consider why employees travel and the related value this brings to the business.

View the on-demand webinar 'Time to review your travel policy ?', to learn how a good travel policy positively impacts the business. This session covers : 

  • Why focusing on cost alone might not always lead to savings
  • How a focus on user experience in your travel policy can lead to greater business value
  • The impact of travel policy on recruitment and retention of top talent
  • The importance of technology in implementing travel policy and compliance
  • Tips for adapting corporate travel policies to create a more traveller-centric program

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