Business travel has become an expected part of many job roles today. Despite the advancements in virtual meeting technologies like video conferencing, the value of in-person has not been lost and that’s reflected in the doubling of global business travel spend in the last 15 years.

With the increase in business travel, advancements in technology and usage of consumer travel apps, the expectations and behaviors of today’s business travelers are evolving. And, in today’s connected economy, corporate travel processes and technologies need to enable and empower employees in a way that feels effortless and customized to the traveler to ensure adoption, productivity and compliance.

Join us on Thursday July 6th at 3 p.m. UK (BST) for "Business Travel in a Connected Economy," a KDS webinar that will explore the impact of the connected economy on corporate travel, including: 

  • How the evolution of the connected economy is impacting business processes across the organization.
  • Who the connected business traveler is and how consumer apps are driving the need to re-shape corporate travel processes.
  • Why it’s important for today’s companies to embrace modern technologies to improve the end to end business travel process for their employees.
  • Tips for adapting corporate travel strategies to create a traveler-centric program.

Learn how to take advantage of, and benefit from, the connected economy - register for this session today!